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Last year.

A new year of school is around the corner. It may be boring to go back for some of you, but I’ve always loved school and learning new things. It’s even more exciting, and a little frightening, that it will be my last year. After a long time of not knowing what I want to do in life it looks like I’m finally in a great direction. I love writing, editing, being creative and be an organizer. Making my new online magazine Allop has allowed me to do just that, and it tasted good. I now know more than ever, that I want to be a writer, editor and hopefully someday an editor-in-chief.

But for know, big choices have to be made. I will be focusing more on my writing instead of styling practices. Although I love to do both, I think my writing will be the best thing focusing on for the future. I will be more professional with this blog, hopefully get the .wordpress out of the way and will be writing more pieces to really practice the art of writing. The subjects will be the same: pop cultural happenings from a more philosophical perspective. Looking at the big picture. My only problem: I don’t know if I should be writing in English or Dutch? Maybe both? Not sure yet!

For now, dream with me when looking at this still from the video for Woodkids single ‘I Love You’. It is truly a work of art.

Woodkid I love you still

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