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A Nature’s Perspective: Eco Fashion

Social responsibility and awareness for our environment is a growing trend. Not only through growing our own vegetables but also in fashion, which is a very good thing! We at ALLOP Magazine really believe in the future and most of all, a better future! All kinds of worlds, whether this will be the fashion world, economic or a farm world, will have to work together again to a new and greater goal: reconstructing the world. 

In the first issue of ALLOP we will feature an interview with a student Cultural Studies and the young designer Natalie de Koning. Both, one coming from science and one from art, have a vision and are involved in the eco fashion system. It will be an interesting discussion about fashion and the future of it. 

I also did a shoot with the designs from Natalie. Some will feature in the magazine!









Photographer: Kimberley Bleeker/ Model: Jaleesa Koelen/ MUA: Naomi Roepers/ Styling: Gracia Visscher/ Designer: Natalie de Koning

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Primary Fashion at the Oscars

No prints. Just clean colors with interesting fabrics. The ladies at the Oscars almost all chose for 1 color dresses: the one even more beautiful then the next. The primary colors are very important this year. For me it resembles a need for clarity, cleanness and a new start. No more prints and difficulty but straight forward, positive and hopeful! I will be posting an article about this trend soon, it will be published along with photos I styled in Envie Magazine. Back to the Oscars:  here are some of my favorites!

ImageAnne Hathaway in a beautiful soft pink Prada dress. Love the softness en romanticness of her look, with the awesome short hair!

ImageFan Binbing wowed me with this amazing eyepopping Marchesa. Absolutely love it ❤

ImageSolange Knowles at the Vanity Fair after party: breathtaking in Pucci

ImageSally Field is just amazing in Valentino! Way better then Jennifer Aniston if you ask me.

ImageNatalie Portman looks like an angel in this white dress (White people, I tell you! Color of the year!)

ImageKelly Osbourne seriously looks amazing!!!!! Love this

ImageI mean. Come on. She looks awesome!!

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