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Last year.

A new year of school is around the corner. It may be boring to go back for some of you, but I’ve always loved school and learning new things. It’s even more exciting, and a little frightening, that it will be my last year. After a long time of not knowing what I want to do in life it looks like I’m finally in a great direction. I love writing, editing, being creative and be an organizer. Making my new online magazine Allop has allowed me to do just that, and it tasted good. I now know more than ever, that I want to be a writer, editor and hopefully someday an editor-in-chief.

But for know, big choices have to be made. I will be focusing more on my writing instead of styling practices. Although I love to do both, I think my writing will be the best thing focusing on for the future. I will be more professional with this blog, hopefully get the .wordpress out of the way and will be writing more pieces to really practice the art of writing. The subjects will be the same: pop cultural happenings from a more philosophical perspective. Looking at the big picture. My only problem: I don’t know if I should be writing in English or Dutch? Maybe both? Not sure yet!

For now, dream with me when looking at this still from the video for Woodkids single ‘I Love You’. It is truly a work of art.

Woodkid I love you still

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Onion Layers of Fashion: A Third Space

What is my style? This question has been holding me captive for the last couple of weeks. What is my style? I can honestly say that as a stylist and a young 20 something woman, I have no fucking clue what my style is. I like pink, sequins and, pink sequins I guess? Lena Dunham, the voice of my generation (at least for me), knows exactly how I’m feeling. It is the era of the Third Space. Nothing has a definite meaning but it shifts and changes with every minute.

Since modern time (and maybe even before that) people have had the urge to categorize everything: from different kinds of human species 200 years ago to ‘’my style’’ today. This way of understanding the world is almost impossible to escape; we are raised and imprinted with this method. Fashion has always been a way to express our own identity and in a way, a desperate attempt not to fit in. Especially now, with all the different subcultures coming together and all the fashion that comes with it melted along, it’s difficult to really understand and find a vision on fashion.

The same thing I’m experiencing in my styling. No specific style is appealing to me, nothing that’s cut out and clearly categorized is good enough. We live in a time where categories are the inside layers of an onion and we have to mix and find our way through the layers. Right now we are in a denim layer, as you can see in the newest edition of the Dutch Vogue (and many other magazines). These layers can be peeled of but also glued back on when we want to (got the soothing picture of gluing onion rings together right?). The meaning of style, and therefore my style, is never done and clean cut. Like my own life, it is a wandering process and never completed. When I’m done with one project, I already think it’s ridiculous so I run towards the next project. Never satisfied, always in a search for style.

Could it be the age thing? Are we at an age where we just don’t need to know yet? Are the twenties a third space for style and everything else in life? These are confusing times, and sometimes it can be quite intimidating not knowing what’s coming your way and how you feel about it (like Uggs). But maybe we can get used to not have an immediate definition on style, people and trends and just remain in the third space. Everything in the open and accessible, like the internet. You can add layers, avoid layers (like Uggs) and remove layers: construct your own meaning. I think that’s the perfect way to style your life. 

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Nature in art: The Sublime

I just came back from a very long seminar about the sublime. It’s a course I’m doing the next 6 months and already I have been enlightened. Sometimes different art forms, but also happenings in real life, can have a strange impact on you. You are amazed, but also maybe a little thrown, scared and intrigued. In this blog, I want to find out what things or events cause this complex emotional feeling. How sublime strikes us..

The example we talked about during the seminar was an art piece by the painter Caspar David Friedrich. I was always amazed by the work of this brilliant man, but today I understood (a little bit more) why. The particular piece I want to talk about is Mönch am Meer. The piece mainly shows nature. Nature with the capital N. The sublime is often shown (doesn’t always have to be) in nature and the way it cannot be tamed by humanity. We feel small and fragile when facing this type of aggressiveness that can be shown by nature. The monk is so small he almost fades in the black and rough sea.


Now, place yourself in his position. Feel the wind blowing and see the sky grow darker and darker, closing in on you. Hear the rough see almost roar, so close you feel spatters of water on your head. What do you feel? Scared, intimidated? Of course! But the sublime is more then that. You also feel kind of strong. It gives you power, it inspires you! I think that the sublime shows itself in the combination of these emotions. It’s like when you see a thunderstorm. You’re actually kind of afraid, but it also puts a spell on you, it fascinates you. We are all in some way drawn to the huge and destructive character of nature.

In some kind of way I think a sublime experience happened to Lieutenant Dan in the movie Forrest Gump. Religious connotations are often made with events in nature; it would be a reflection of the power of God. Lieutenant Dan challenges God when the boat Forrest and the lieutenant use for catching shrimp finds itself in a big storm at sea. He calls it a duel between the almighty and himself as a tiny human being. Ultimately he finds peace in the storm, it changes him completely. Lieutenant Dan got rid of his anger (and in some way his fear) by surviving the storm and becomes a humble man. He finds some inner peace that maybe we all feel when facing this type of nature violence. A feeling of zen, like you absorbed the power and made it your own.

LT Dan

I’m very curious if any of you who read my articles ever had a sublime feeling. Maybe through a painting, maybe you survived a tornado of some sort?! I’m very intrigued by the subject of the sublime and how it really affects someone’s life.

– Gracia Visscher

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Marga Weimans: Rhizome collection

The world of technology is still a big inspiration for the fashion world. With Samsung as her sponsor, fashion designer Marga Weimans dived into the world of the pixels and chips. She closed the Amsterdam Fashion Week with an interesting, exciting and futuristic collection for fall/winter season 2013.

With the title ‘Body Archive’ you can’t help but expect something big. Archives bring all kinds of information together in a physical form like the Internet in cyberspace. Weimans brings these two worlds together in her collection. The models are equally human as they are a geometric square. The squares the models wear, made by acrylic boards, make me think of them as little pixels. When the dresses appear on the runway we still see the strong accent on the shoulders that make the models look square (in a good way!). The Colors are diverse: we see a lot of black and white with graphic prints but also blue, red, purple and orange.


I’m not really pleased of all the turtlenecks on the runway, but Weimans makes up for it with the most interesting dress I’ve seen during Fashion Week. The white knee-length dress with the big shoulders and a train (which I love!). The dress has a very futuristic print on it; it almost looks like little lines you see on a chip in a computer or cellphone. The chip, although often invisible or so little you don’t notice it, plays an important role in modern society. Weimans enlarged it and make us realize we carry our whole identity with us on these chips.


The chips and pixels are, like Weimans shows with her collection, all little pieces in a big united world. We are all over the place, but connected to each other with modern technology. I can link this collection and my interpretation of it to the philosopher Deleuze and the term rhizome. Rhizome is a term for our modern society where all kinds of information is shared and produced in a non-hierarchical way. We all have our personal little stories and lives we share with each other. There is no big story that rules, we all contribute: we are all little spots with no beginning and no end.

Over all the collection reflects the way our modern society works these days. But aside from the story, the couture pieces are an interesting co-operation between industrial design and fashion, architecture and even geometry. The squares are interesting, shiny and represent so much. Weimans closed Amsterdam Fashion Week with a very inspiring enter button.

Gracia Visscher

Photo’s: Team Peter Stigter AFW

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