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A Nature’s Perspective: Eco Fashion

Social responsibility and awareness for our environment is a growing trend. Not only through growing our own vegetables but also in fashion, which is a very good thing! We at ALLOP Magazine really believe in the future and most of all, a better future! All kinds of worlds, whether this will be the fashion world, economic or a farm world, will have to work together again to a new and greater goal: reconstructing the world. 

In the first issue of ALLOP we will feature an interview with a student Cultural Studies and the young designer Natalie de Koning. Both, one coming from science and one from art, have a vision and are involved in the eco fashion system. It will be an interesting discussion about fashion and the future of it. 

I also did a shoot with the designs from Natalie. Some will feature in the magazine!









Photographer: Kimberley Bleeker/ Model: Jaleesa Koelen/ MUA: Naomi Roepers/ Styling: Gracia Visscher/ Designer: Natalie de Koning

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Marga Weimans: Rhizome collection

The world of technology is still a big inspiration for the fashion world. With Samsung as her sponsor, fashion designer Marga Weimans dived into the world of the pixels and chips. She closed the Amsterdam Fashion Week with an interesting, exciting and futuristic collection for fall/winter season 2013.

With the title ‘Body Archive’ you can’t help but expect something big. Archives bring all kinds of information together in a physical form like the Internet in cyberspace. Weimans brings these two worlds together in her collection. The models are equally human as they are a geometric square. The squares the models wear, made by acrylic boards, make me think of them as little pixels. When the dresses appear on the runway we still see the strong accent on the shoulders that make the models look square (in a good way!). The Colors are diverse: we see a lot of black and white with graphic prints but also blue, red, purple and orange.


I’m not really pleased of all the turtlenecks on the runway, but Weimans makes up for it with the most interesting dress I’ve seen during Fashion Week. The white knee-length dress with the big shoulders and a train (which I love!). The dress has a very futuristic print on it; it almost looks like little lines you see on a chip in a computer or cellphone. The chip, although often invisible or so little you don’t notice it, plays an important role in modern society. Weimans enlarged it and make us realize we carry our whole identity with us on these chips.


The chips and pixels are, like Weimans shows with her collection, all little pieces in a big united world. We are all over the place, but connected to each other with modern technology. I can link this collection and my interpretation of it to the philosopher Deleuze and the term rhizome. Rhizome is a term for our modern society where all kinds of information is shared and produced in a non-hierarchical way. We all have our personal little stories and lives we share with each other. There is no big story that rules, we all contribute: we are all little spots with no beginning and no end.

Over all the collection reflects the way our modern society works these days. But aside from the story, the couture pieces are an interesting co-operation between industrial design and fashion, architecture and even geometry. The squares are interesting, shiny and represent so much. Weimans closed Amsterdam Fashion Week with a very inspiring enter button.

Gracia Visscher

Photo’s: Team Peter Stigter AFW

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