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Last year.

A new year of school is around the corner. It may be boring to go back for some of you, but I’ve always loved school and learning new things. It’s even more exciting, and a little frightening, that it will be my last year. After a long time of not knowing what I want to do in life it looks like I’m finally in a great direction. I love writing, editing, being creative and be an organizer. Making my new online magazine Allop has allowed me to do just that, and it tasted good. I now know more than ever, that I want to be a writer, editor and hopefully someday an editor-in-chief.

But for know, big choices have to be made. I will be focusing more on my writing instead of styling practices. Although I love to do both, I think my writing will be the best thing focusing on for the future. I will be more professional with this blog, hopefully get the .wordpress out of the way and will be writing more pieces to really practice the art of writing. The subjects will be the same: pop cultural happenings from a more philosophical perspective. Looking at the big picture. My only problem: I don’t know if I should be writing in English or Dutch? Maybe both? Not sure yet!

For now, dream with me when looking at this still from the video for Woodkids single ‘I Love You’. It is truly a work of art.

Woodkid I love you still

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A Nature’s Perspective: Eco Fashion

Social responsibility and awareness for our environment is a growing trend. Not only through growing our own vegetables but also in fashion, which is a very good thing! We at ALLOP Magazine really believe in the future and most of all, a better future! All kinds of worlds, whether this will be the fashion world, economic or a farm world, will have to work together again to a new and greater goal: reconstructing the world. 

In the first issue of ALLOP we will feature an interview with a student Cultural Studies and the young designer Natalie de Koning. Both, one coming from science and one from art, have a vision and are involved in the eco fashion system. It will be an interesting discussion about fashion and the future of it. 

I also did a shoot with the designs from Natalie. Some will feature in the magazine!









Photographer: Kimberley Bleeker/ Model: Jaleesa Koelen/ MUA: Naomi Roepers/ Styling: Gracia Visscher/ Designer: Natalie de Koning

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New Age Feminism

Lady Gaga; an inspiration for many. I’ve been following her for years now, and not only because her songs are like an addiction! The woman actually has some interesting cultural opinions and is very innovative in presenting a new age in culture to a lot of young people. Recently she was interviewed by a magazine called Stylist UK about her new fragrance The Fame. Little did they now they actually asked a very important question. And Gaga answered even more brilliantly.

Style UK: Can make-up and feminism ever truly be friends?

‘You know what’s so funny is, I actually think there’s a new feminism that is completely different and I don’t think either is better or worse. Any kind of feminist has valid views for herself about what it means to be a feminist, but, as a new-age feminist, I would say I quite like the transference of strength I feel by submitting to a man – being under him. I actually wrote a song about it on my album, it’s called G.U.Y. and it stands for Girl Under You. So wearing make-up, smelling delicious and having suckable, kissable, edible things between your limbs is something I find strengthening because I know that when I pick the right guy, I can let him have it. Some women feel oppressed by make-up and clothing, and here’s to them, they have every right to feel that way as well.’

Gaga refers to something as a ‘’new age feminism’’, different apparently then the feminism we had before. The word feminism is a very loaded word with a lot of negative connotations. We tend to think of women without bras who are very angry towards men, all the time. But the Lady is right; there is another kind of feminism emerging from the depths of the new generation. Maybe the women reading this can relate, I for one definitely see the point Gaga is making. It’s not a very clear point and I’m sure it can be very confusing. So I will try to explain it.

The new age feminism is actually a mixture of the pretty housewives from the ‘40s and ‘50’s of the 20th century and the feminism of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Feminists fought for equal rights for women in all kinds of aspects of life. Equal salaries, women represented in the history of the arts and free expression of sexuality. The new generation of women, born after 1985 (or something like that), developed a different position towards men. We feel strong and feminine with heels and sexy dresses: not just for the men but for us. We combine the femininity of the pre feminism era with the strong and independent position from the world of the feminists.

We don’t need a man, we choose to be with a man and let him have it. It’s debatable whether this is really the case, but I really think we choose to look cute and sexy because we want to feel good for us. But we also want to look good for men because it feels empowering to sweep a man of his feet. Because let’s face it: we love the strength and masculinity of the opposite sex. Women are weird creatures (I totally agree, I think I’m weird too) but I think we have a nice balance going on here. The more interesting part of this development is: where does this leave the boys? More on that later, I have to go paint my toenails now!


– Gracia Visscher

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Obama: the re-elected meta (modern)

Today was a big day for the United States of America; actually also for the rest of world! Obama or Romney for president? For a while the two men were going head to head but finally Obama took the lead and America chose its president. Four more years! As excited as I am about the re-election of Barackie, my cultural glasses are never off. During the acceptance speech I realized that the president is (my) human example for the metamodern state of being. Hopeful, but realistic.

The first campaign for the election of Barack Obama in 2008 was inspiring. Obama was the symbol of hope, a light in a dark and cynical nation on the edge of depression. With big dreams and promises Obama grew as a favorite. The next four years, the White House was his home, and change was on the way.

Whether he kept is promises is debatable, this is not the matter I want to address in this article. The most interesting part of Obama’s stay in the White House is the development he made between the first and second election.

You could say that Obama now reflects the metamodern mind by being the combination and constant ‘’battle’’ between modernistic hope and postmodernistic deconstruction. A lot of specialists in politics spoke today about the more sober and realistic view the president reflected in his speech. They all declared this to be a direct effect of the difficult four years in the White House. This realistic and grounded view was mixed in the speech with the hopeful future Obama so believes in.

As I said in the previous article: I will explain my inspiration for my cultural observations soon. And without background information about metamodernism, this article can seem a little vague for the readers. The most important thing to remember about Obama and (in my opinion) the relation to metamodernism is the balance and two-faced structure between romantic hope and imagination versus a realistic and grounded worldview. The United States is, as Obama stated, one big family. A romantic idea that is needed for a country that is still in the spirit of change. We can’t just believe in the big story without the realistic and (often) negative situations people are in the back of our minds.


source metamodernism:


– Gracia Visscher

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