Me. I’m an aspiring writer (Dutch or English), college student in Cultural Studies and observer, flying in  helicopter seeing everything that is going on in the world from a unique perspective. With this blog I hope to share my thoughts on popculture, philosophy and my obsessions with different artists as much as I can. A lot of things define a past, a present and a future. I hope to notice these things and describe them as good and entertaining as I can. Everything is happening now, and I’m just writing about it as it goes along!

I’m also the initiator of the new (Dutch) culture webzine Allop Magazine. The first issue will be out the 7th of September. Find Allop Magazine on Facebook (just google it) to follow the magazine as it develops.

With all this writing I’m hoping to get a fabulous writing job. Will be easy. Right?

Allop Pickle


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