Culture of Fasion Ass #1 Discussion Points

For the third assignment in the course Culture of Fashion, we had to read different texts about why people wear clothes and how fashion developed through the years. We’ve discussed the texts during class and had to post at least two discussion points regarding the theory.

– Thorstein Veblen states that there is something like ”native taste”, which indicates some kind of essential good taste). I think this is a big discussion point because it brings up all kinds of discussions like the nature/culture problem. Is native taste something we are born with? If so, there actually could be something like native taste. However, I think that culture (all the things we learn in our environment and education) is an essential part in developing a good taste. In this discussion point, you also could argue that good taste totally depends on the time you live in. Something that would be considered good taste 50 years ago would unlikely to be considered good taste now. What do you think?

– Lipovetsky calls “logic of inconsistency” one of the most significant features of fashion. But what about the trends that come back every so often? Isn’t fashion, at least in the last 10 years, an reconstruction and rediscovery of silhouettes, colors and fabrics that we’ve seen already?


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