Art can change the world

There’s not a lot of room for art in the Dutch society. Budget cuts are destroying the cultural field and that leaves very little space for the purpose of practicing art: make a change in peoples lives. As a student of cultural studies I’m obligated to be angry about these developments. But I have to admit that these cuts are the wake-up call we needed! I blame postmodernism for everything. It seems to me that art stopped being a part of society and found a little room all to itself. No interaction; the idea of the artist mattered the most. Most of the times we just looked at the work anddidn’t understand it without a long explanation. Art shouldn’t need a long explanation but be right in the center of society. Here are a couple of my favorite artworks: colorful, playful and understandable. Fun art for everyone!

The Weather Project Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson

Simone Decker

Simone Decker

Sequin Theresa Himmer


Theresa Himmer



Leonid Tishkov


Leonid Tishkov

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