Obama: the re-elected meta (modern)

Today was a big day for the United States of America; actually also for the rest of world! Obama or Romney for president? For a while the two men were going head to head but finally Obama took the lead and America chose its president. Four more years! As excited as I am about the re-election of Barackie, my cultural glasses are never off. During the acceptance speech I realized that the president is (my) human example for the metamodern state of being. Hopeful, but realistic.

The first campaign for the election of Barack Obama in 2008 was inspiring. Obama was the symbol of hope, a light in a dark and cynical nation on the edge of depression. With big dreams and promises Obama grew as a favorite. The next four years, the White House was his home, and change was on the way.

Whether he kept is promises is debatable, this is not the matter I want to address in this article. The most interesting part of Obama’s stay in the White House is the development he made between the first and second election.

You could say that Obama now reflects the metamodern mind by being the combination and constant ‘’battle’’ between modernistic hope and postmodernistic deconstruction. A lot of specialists in politics spoke today about the more sober and realistic view the president reflected in his speech. They all declared this to be a direct effect of the difficult four years in the White House. This realistic and grounded view was mixed in the speech with the hopeful future Obama so believes in.

As I said in the previous article: I will explain my inspiration for my cultural observations soon. And without background information about metamodernism, this article can seem a little vague for the readers. The most important thing to remember about Obama and (in my opinion) the relation to metamodernism is the balance and two-faced structure between romantic hope and imagination versus a realistic and grounded worldview. The United States is, as Obama stated, one big family. A romantic idea that is needed for a country that is still in the spirit of change. We can’t just believe in the big story without the realistic and (often) negative situations people are in the back of our minds.


source metamodernism: http://www.metamodernism.com


– Gracia Visscher

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